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The buyer journey is quite complex and looks different for each and every family searching for their dream home. Having an advocate by your side throughout the process is a key aspect to ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible. My team is fortunate to provide this for all of our clients and here are some of our successful home purchases!

Meet the Porter Family

The Porters were looking for the perfect place to raise their girls and their new home had to have enough room for a homeschooling classroom. The girls were also looking forward to having their friends over for pool parties…so a swimming pool was a must! Timing along with a partnerships with my preferred lender were crucial since the Porters had experienced a short sale recently. In the end, with a little patience and a strong desire to be homeowners once again, the Porters’ touching letter to the sellers led them to their dream home.

Meet Lorrie

Lorrie needed a home she can reimagine through her savvy design skills and taste. Her vision was to take a home with good bones and make it functional to today’s standard of living…did I mention this home had to have some historic appeal! After many months of searching, Lorrie was able to purchase a 1940’s charmer and has completed plans modernizing the home including adding a new kitchen and restoring the original hardwoods.

Meet Randi and Larry

Randi and Larry were tired of throwing money away in rent. They were looking for a home in an active adult community with little maintenance. After months of searching, they were able to finance their manufactured home in a community that they look forward to making new friends and participating in community events.


Meet the Martinez Family

Living in a small apartment, the Martinez family had a dream of owning a dog someday. Unfortunately, their current rental did not allow pets. So we began our mission to find a home with a fenced in yard. Connecting the family with one of my preferred lenders paid off for they were able to qualify for the down payment assistance program and use few of their own funds to make the purchase. After many months of searching and making offers, we found the home with an existing doggy door perfect for the family. 

Meet Autumn

When I met Autumn, she was looking for a fresh new start for her and her pet. Luckily she was not afraid to take on a fixer upper and make it her own. After waiting for her divorce decree to come through, Autumn was able to purchase a foreclosed home through Fannie Mae with my preferred lender, and she obtained a renovation loan to be able to afford the entire project. After a few months, the home was completed…just in time to celebrate graduation.

7 Things you must know before buying a home

Buying a home can be super stressful. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. 

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